Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fortuitous Change of Plans

This photo contains a dish Peruvians call cuy. In English, we call it deep fried Guinea Pig. Can you see the rodent outline now? I was only adventurous enough for one bite, Ryan ate the most. We all agreed it must be an acquired taste.

After a relaxing couple of days, we had a change of plans that is turning into something exciting. Tomorrow evening, I was scheduled to head over to Pucullpa in the Peruvian Amazon with Ryan, but that fell through for various reasons. In place of that trip, I am booked to fly to Cuzco tomorrow at 10am, and from there head to Machu Picchu on Monday. There are more details to work out, and many connections to organize, but that is the plan.

I'll return to Lima and my wonderful friends The Smedes Tuesday afternoon before flying out toward Seattle late Wednesday.


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Location:Francisco De Cuellar,Lima District,Peru

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